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Published by Mildura Waves : 09-06-2017

YNB 12 week winners announced

YNB 12 week winners announced

12 Week Challenge – Tony George
After thinking about what I wanted to achieve in 12 weeks I decided on a few simple goals that were not unrealistic to achieve, but would require some constant effort, determination & patience. I was pretty unfit, feeling over weight, stressed out at work, and generally pretty tired with things in general. So my goals were:
1. To lose weight I was hoping to get to about 65kg from 73.5kg
2. To tone up & lose some of my body fat
3. De-Stress & be happy
4. Reduce my alcohol consumption & improve my diet
The first boot camp confirmed how unfit I was. The exercises simple, but challenging. It was good to meet up with other people with similar goals & train with them. Margi & Talia were great instructors & offered good advice on technique throughout the following 12 weeks. I gained confidence & ability & felt improvement almost every week.
I began training after the first session with personal trainer (Talia). We discussed a program which included weekly gym sessions & group classes to go with the weekly boot camp. The gym sessions where invaluable. I was exposed to most of the equipment & shown how to use it properly & effectively. And, once again this boosted my ability & confidence. I started Body Pump classes which I found very challenging, but effective in building up my stamina both physically & mentally. It was great to work out in a group environment with other people struggling through the classes as well. Everybody working out together made it more supportive & friendly.
After about week three I realised that I really needed to concentrate on my diet & alcohol goals as well if I wanted to achieve everything I had set out. I drastically reduced the amount of alcohol I was having & really thought about what I was eating & when. My wife & I chose a few meals from the menu plan which we found useful & really made an effort. This was a challenge but by week 6 after the halfway weigh-in we could see & feel the results. This gave me the confidence & fitness to add Grit Strength to my training program – very challenging, but feeling a great sense of achievement after my first class.
By week 12 I was feeling really good about my fitness & wellbeing. For a moment there, at the weigh-in, the scales almost dropped back into the sixties! I hadn’t quite reached my weight goal but I was much healthier, stronger & happier. I felt a sense of achievement because I had developed a routine where exercise be it, gym sessions, Body Pump or Grit Strength classes were part of my weekly routine, & I was eating smarter, drinking much, much less, & felt mentally stronger & relaxed. I have the mind set now, & my next challenge is to include a Grit Cardio class into my schedule, & you never know, I just might crack that weight goal.
The facilities at Mildura Waves are great & all of the staff & trainers have been exceptionally friendly & helpful. I would particularly like to thank Margi, Talia, Katrina & James, & Mildura Waves for the opportunity. My wife & I had just moved to Mildura with the view of making it our new home just as the challenge was about to start, and being part of the challenge & becoming members of Mildura Waves has helped us settle into a balanced healthy home / work lifestyle here in Mildura.
Below are the Week 1, Week 6 & Week 12 photo’s.



Jacinta's story: 

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Congrats to Tony & Jacinta as winners of our 12 week YNB challenge. check out their story from week 1, 6 and the finish line in week 12. Awesome effort from all.

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